• Like a total genius, Dylan told the zenos you're still around.

    Though your identity and location wasn't disclosed, and I only found you through a massive fluke, they're likely gonna be trying a lot harder than I was to find you.

    Since you refuse to talk to me, I've had to come to conclusions about your current state and your intentions, and I don't particularly think you want to be found.

    From my point of view, to properly vanish, you need to make a new account, something that won't obviously be you. You'll also need todo something to get rid of this one, preferably just disabling it.

    Luna knows you better than I do, Ben and Ren seem to think they do, and Ducks is determined as hell to find you. They will find this account.

    Also, by posting this message on a different wiki in hopes of actually getting you to notice this, I just made it possible for the more advanced wiki stalkers to find you. Tick tock.

    (also, if something different than what I see is going on and I just majorly wasted my fucking time writing this, please at least tell me)

     -Price-  talk    Price's signature image  21:48, January 11, 2015 (UTC)

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